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    Child prostitution had hardly been distinguishable from general prostitution while the age of consent remained at Miles had two preferences. After , younger girls were increasingly kept in the brothels, where they seem to have been mainly in demand by middle-aged or elderly men. Actually, while the Victorians—like everybody before and since—had their hangups, their all-too-human sexuality tended to come out in ways that modern people find really bizarre. The second preference was for a girl in shoes, stockings, and petticoats.

    Victorian age sex stories

    According to Jeffes, she was "not at all anxious to get home". For the first few weeks she was kept at his house, a licensed brothel designed to prevent all escape. Stupefied by drink, she was made to learn the contents of a paper describing her as "Ellen Cordon". Adeline Tanner, an attractive eighteen-year-old, left the house in Dulwich where she worked as a maid, and walked to Tulse Hill station on her way to visit her sister. Ellen Reece reported that there were as many as 6 or 7 beds in a room with men and women in them. In cities like Manchester in the s and s it was parents themselves who had sent their children out as prostitutes, though these children often disobeyed their parents by finding work in the mills instead. Gladstone to send Gordon to Khartoum could also make M. In fact, the English trade of the 19th century was as uniquely Victorian as the starvation of the s or the "surplus population" of London in the s and s. Her clients included visiting crowned heads, though she denied the rumor that the Prince of Wales had visited her. Jane Doyle explained how she had worked with Jane Shaw. She was convicted at her trial but she paid the fine in cash before leaving the court, while a titled gentleman stood surety for her. The girl was persuaded to spend that night with Sullie and his "wife" at a house off Victoria Street. When he tried to persuade her to return to her sister in England, Adeline announced: Eventually she was taken to the St. This was widely reported, and its details might have been the inspiration for a pornographic novel. The walk to the station was enough to soak her "waterproof" but fortunately Victorian railway waiting rooms had coal fires even on Christmas Day. Pierre Hospital for the necessary operation to be performed, and her sufferings would hardly have been out of place in De Sade's Justine, if Adeline's own story is to be believed. People back then probably got arrested at the beach for showing their knees, right? Certain perversions which had enjoyed a precarious respectability in the s or s could only be safely practised in a brothel by the s. According to her own account, her treatment during these weeks was "worse than that of a slave". Stead and his supporters gave the impression that brothels were populated by kidnapped girls who were held or strapped down while elderly customers raped them. At midday "an old man with grey whiskers" arrived. Meanwhile, she had also been traced by Alfred Dyer, a dedicated fighter against this trade in English girls, who arranged her repatriation. Three young prostitutes of the city, Ellen Reece, Jane Doyle, and Mary Kay, gave vivid accounts of their lives, which remain unpublished to this day. No seaport had a greater share of poverty and vice than early Victorian Liverpool. Of course, no one believed that an Act of Parliament could suppress the vice trade, but impoverished street-walkers and well endowed brothels began to wither in the face of middle-class conscience searching over "The Great Social Evil". Was this not, perhaps, a case of a girl who had been willing enough to prostitute herself but had got worse than she bargained for?

    Victorian age sex stories

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