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    Instead, most of that time goes into extended sensual massage. Damon Dahlen This is not to say that there's anything wrong with a "quickie," but the more time we spend cultivating our sexual energy , the stronger its influence becomes on the chemistry of the brain. Pretty much everyone experiences this type of sex first, because our first times are almost always at least somewhat tense and scary. Understanding Modern Tantric Sexuality The modern tantric sexual ritual is designed around five keys: We all have a pull within us that is driving us, consciously or unconsciously to merge with this reality once more. The man penetrates her passionately and carefully. It survived because it was primarily an esoteric tradition, taught directly from one person to another, and if people deviated too far from what worked, they quickly realized that they weren't getting the effects they expected. There are many spiritual teachings that tell us of this reality. In this posture, he can hold and gently massage her breasts, caress her clitoris or can hold her thighs, getting thus to a deeper penetration, as well as to an excellent stimulation of the G spot.

    Tantric sex blogspot

    Her lover sits between her calves, crosses her legs placing her feet on his chest and then penetrates her deeply. A Guide to Tantra Lovemaking Secrets and Practices is filled with techniques that are guaranteed to increase your sexual pleasure. Oxytocin may be conditioned to release after a pattern of sex with the same lover has been established. The thrill is gone. When I started doing research about it, I discovered that Tantric sex has been practiced for 5, years, and I wondered, So why haven't I heard of it before? There are many small, everyday practices we can do throughout our day that help us to feel this interconnectedness. For a long time, I was seriously angry at men, and at my Dad for not being there to protect me. Eventually, both partners will get to the point when they have to release. Come on guys admit it, you know when you are doing these things from a good place inside, and also when you are trying not to feel something and you do them. You begin by creating an environment that is free from distractions, an area that is calm, quiet and peaceful. Nothing disconnects you from your lover like a shivering body. Tantric sex is not a race to the finish. Or even …how many times did you have sex because you thought that is what should happen next, rather than being with something uncomfortable, or numb, or empty or lacking in EROS? The version that most modern tantric practitioners do probably isn't what was practiced in India 2, years ago. In this posture, he can hold and gently massage her breasts, caress her clitoris or can hold her thighs, getting thus to a deeper penetration, as well as to an excellent stimulation of the G spot. Use your imagination and all five senses. A variant to this posture is the Half Pressed Posture, in which the woman lays on her back, and then she gradually raises her legs. Love games can express this happiness more delicately than any poems through that intimacy that exists between the souls and bodies of two lovers. At first the man sits on the bed with his legs straight. The lover will sit comfortably in a spacious armchair lightly lifting his knees with the help of a pillow placed under his thighs. We must hold hand with strangers we are communal creatures we need connection, and this helps us to feel our interconnectedness. Jenny Wade has documented many cases of that and other transcendental experiences during sex, without use of drugs, tantra, or spiritual disciplines, in her book Transcendent Sex: But the archeological record strongly suggests that tantric sex is much older. You could also call it the "honeymoon effect," since it describes the blissful goofiness experienced by many newlyweds back when people didn't live together before the wedding and many honeymoons turned into sexual marathons. So why did I start this story with my sexual trauma? As you continue to breathe together, you become closer spiritually, more relaxed, and more in tune.

    Tantric sex blogspot

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      That's fine for people who are into New Agey spiritualism and religion. So this blog is going to be a place for exploring three themes:

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      But many of these desires are the superficial kind, you know, I feel like a walk down the beach, a chocolate muffin, I need that dress, I want a coffee, etc etc.

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      Ejaculation can be successfully stopped in this way. Embracing his beloved and supporting himself with his knees and fingertips on the ground, the man can move easily both passionately and at a slow but firm pace.

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      In this posture, he can hold and gently massage her breasts, caress her clitoris or can hold her thighs, getting thus to a deeper penetration, as well as to an excellent stimulation of the G spot.

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