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    Highly intelligent, he was interested in rockets from an early age and made significant contributions to astronautics, becoming one of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and of Aerojet Corporation. The original founders, not being, in today's parlance, suits, were not welcomed by the new management. Malina became a millionaire as Aerojet General prospered. These are mostly instances of missing articles or prepositions, omissions which were not caught when paragraphs were rewritten. This page was last modified on 20 July He became John Parsons, almost certainly as this book documents the one single individual who contributed the most to rocket science. Ron Hubbard both men lived at the Parsonage at some point , descended into a life dominated by drugs and magic.

    Sex that rockets

    However, the accuracy and organization of the textual material and the book's quality of production both leave much to be desired. Those looking for tittilating tales of debauchery will not find them here. Both intercourse and masturbation are reportedly part of OTO rites, and its grand secret is called some sort of tantric sex ritual. The narrative adopts Parsons' point of view, frequently stating matter-of-factly that some god described in OTO holy writ had incarnated into one of his intimates, or was destined to, or that workings spells he performed had real effects. I cannot fault Carter for skimping on research. The firm then became Aerojet General. It also has a fairly extensive index. Wilson says in his Introduction, "If Verne's submarine could become materialized, why not his rocket to the moon? Police were called on several occasions, but no charges were ever filed. But this is the extent of it. He further mentions potential problems with hydrogen and methane. We are left with a picture of a man who lived in two worlds. Parsons' birth and death certificates are reproduced, as are a map of his Pasadena neighborhood, an organization chart, and certain technical notes from GALCIT. He dismisses acetylene as inherently dangerous, without carrying out the calculations of combustive properties. I question several of Carter's and by extension Parsons' interpretations of technical matters. The original founders, not being, in today's parlance, suits, were not welcomed by the new management. Both Wilson and Carter overstate Parsons' importance. The book contains many interesting tidbits, such as the story of John Dee and Edward Kelley, to whom an angel dictated the Lost Books of Enoch letter by letter — in the Enochian alphabet of 21 letters — during the 16th century. The residents were professional people who knew how to keep up appearances. Must not believe in God. They were able to convince General Tire to invest enough to accomplish this. Parsons died in in a mysterious and controversial explosion at his home which by then was not, incidentally, the Parsonage. But in any case I can forgive Carter such technical errors, for he obviously has no scientific or engineering training. This dismissal is even odder in light of the fact that he recommended more study of trimethyl aluminum which burns on contact with air and went on to develop engines using red fuming nitric acid — no pussycat as rocket fuels go. Unfortunately, the book describes that struggle mostly by implication.

    Sex that rockets

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