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    Sex noises in the library

    Her ample tits, still firm with up tilted nipples, strained at the bodice of her low cut sundress made Tommy's cock became even harder. Mona must have been a busy little punchboard that day or evening or both. Mark laughed as he rammed his cock hard into his mother's tight cunt. Susan, still spread-eagled, looked at her sons. She tasted the crotch of her soiled panties, and groaned. Her cunt was leaking out huge amount of their combined incestuous sex fluids. Susan's cunt contracted violently and she came repeatedly again. Yet, the mere touch of her thirteen-year-old son's finger in her cunt could induce such incredible feelings in her cunt was unbelievable. She didn't know if she were crying because of the pain in her tits or if it were because she was experiencing something before which she had never felt. When she wasn't tied up, she didn't want it, but once her sons had her bounded and tied up, she found herself enjoying it more and more. You can't do that to your own mother! I maneuvered my hard cock into a position that allowed it to rub up and down the length of her pussy mouth. There was a gleam in his eyes that terrified and excited her at the same time. Oh, fuck mother hard Mark, please! But Susan could not deny how good it was starting to feel. My sister must be putting out for a lot of studs to get panties that soiled. Mark clamped her other pink erect nipple, drawing the cords around his mother's neck and tying it there. Susan felt the hardness of their cocks pressing against her thighs, throbbing and dripping, leaving a wet spot of pre-come on each shapely thigh near her hips. The cucumber up her cunt felt even larger than before. She choked back a squeal, not wanting to come, not wanting her sons to know that their mother was going to have an orgasm from what they were doing to her. The cucumber was huge, It stretched her cunt painfully, and she felt as if she were being sliced in half. This is a story about a beautiful young mother trained by her own thirteen and twelve-year-old sons to be their sex and breed slave. She couldn't admit to herself yet that she could never do without it anymore. Stay at a healthy weight. Instead of stopping her son from fucking and coming in her cunt, it only makes her thirteen-year-old son even more energize.

    Sex noises in the library

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