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    He was horny, his mother was dressed to kill and she was sitting close to him with her fingers running thru his hair. Her hands ran down his chest to his waist, she lifted his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. John shot a huge load into his mom and slowly began to slow his pace. She again ran her fingers thru her son's hair. His mind raced as he thought about her womanly essence beneath the panties. Taboo Stories Drunk Lessons - Drunk mom meets drunk son.

    Sex mom mother son boy

    She looked at him with hungry eyes, her heart pounded. They lay there for about 5 minutes before John got up. She removed her blouse. She stood there for a moment and studied him, his features. Johnny did as she directed. His mom began to roll down her stockings. Sweat began to pour from John as he fucked his mom. Every now and then she would provide a slight slap and a hard grab to his ass. He grasped the elastic and pulled down the panties to reveal a moistened pussy to the likes of which he had never seen or experienced. He did as she told him to. She reached her hands down into his pants, "What do we have here? He grabbed them and headed for the living room, tripping over an end table on the way. His cock throbbed and glistened with pre cum. Her pussy dripped heavily, the thought of her som cumming in her drove her wild. Her beauty at the age of 37 was a magnificent sight. His cock slid in and out of his mother at a fast pace, making splashing sounds as he went. His drunkenness had allowed him the gentle numbness and he had to work at an ejaculation. I wanted to fuck this one guy but I wasn't to comfortable with him" she said as she had a seat next to her son on the couch. His mind began to realize what his body was feeling. Her eyes were fixed on his face in the midst of a sudden silence. He let his mind go. Her mind raced as her son began to tell of his girl. When he was done, she sat back on the couch, her skirt hiked up revealing her stocking covered legs and a pair of black satin panties. John's mind raced with thoughts of quickly standing and grabbing his mother, bending her over the arm of the couch; tearing off her panties and sticking his 8 inches of cock deep into her pussy. I know why all the girls want you. Meet real people in YOUR town!

    Sex mom mother son boy

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