• Sex in the urethrea


    This one felt nice — it had weight to it and was cold, but warmed up in my hands. They agreed to try out some of the products for me. Both ovaries were normal. She has been treated with antibiotics and symptomatic medication but these managements provided only transient relief. Lovehoney So, what did he think? Armed with all the information I was ever going to get, it seemed only fair that I give this thing a go myself.

    Sex in the urethrea

    I smothered it in lube and gently inserted it into my dick. Patient was wearing sanitary pads and changing them many times a day. This would make it feel uncomfortable and dry. In a good way. They agreed to try out some of the products for me. Urethral sounding is slow play. After washing the area, you can apply natural live yogurt. Clean your hands and genitals thoroughly prior to play. Thrush also loves sweet, so make sure that you have a healthy diet with fresh fruit and veg and cut out or cut down on sugary foods and drinks. I am under the impression that you did have vaginal sex, that you were not ready and not lubricated enough. She had a history of recurrent microscopic haematuria and urinary tract infections. I could feel the bumps applying pressure deep inside my cock and I got great pleasure from gently and rhythmically pushing and pulling the rods by about an inch. Sinner silicone ribbed urethral sound set Picture: Wishing you a speedy recovery. This is very common and is sometimes referred to as the "Honeymoon Syndrome" The dry itching and swollen vulva is highly likely to be a fungal infection called Thrush. As with most sex play, there are two main reasons to explore urethral sounding — for the physical benefits and also for the psychological turn on. Armed with all the information I was ever going to get, it seemed only fair that I give this thing a go myself. Use the right toy — you should never go too big or too small when you sound. Advertisement Advertisement Plenty of adult stores now stock sounding equipment. On targeted questioning, she stated that she was too ashamed and afraid to tell anyone about her problems. I had to keep a firm grip on it to stop it sliding in too fast. Always urinate straight after play to flush your urethra of any lube or bacteria that may have been inserted. The external gynaecological examination revealed completed puberty with normal female phenotype and secondary sexual characteristics including normal external genitalia, breasts, pubic and axillary hairs. Your partner may also need to be treated against Thrush even if he has no problems. A year-old woman came to our clinic because of primary amenorrhea, sexual dysfunction, dyspareunia, megalourethra and urinary incontinence five months after her marriage due to urethral coitus.

    Sex in the urethrea

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