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    Save the sex for another night and focus on your personal health the night before. The vaccine only protects you from some of the strains, not all. When you douche, you might send all those vaginal bacteria up into your uterus and out your tubes into your belly, which is not good! However, it never hurts to gently remind your doctor that you definitely would like a urine test. DO keep track of your monthly cycle. The encouraged standard by licensed gynecologists is to get a pap smear as soon as you turn

    Sex before gyno

    Show More Gynecology There are many key areas in the field of female reproductive system health, including menstruation, pregnancy, fertility, and menopause. If something sounds confusing, speak up! DO keep track of your monthly cycle. It makes an uncomfortable process a lot less nerve racking. They deal with hundreds of patients each week and have heard it all, so the gynecology office will be a judgment-free zone. Untreated chlamydia can cause many problems from chronic pain to infertility. DO come up with questions beforehand. Make sure you show up prepared, informed, and willing to ask questions. Make this the most effective, efficient, and healthful annual check-up yet. It not only has a feminine and girly interface, but it allows you to track your symptoms, mood, weight, and other potentially important factors. This is probably the most important tip when it comes to your gynecology appointment. All doctors appreciate a curious patient as it shows that you are taking your health seriously. On the other hand, if you are coming in specifically to check out an abnormal discharge or odor, you should probably reschedule. Tell the examiner to stop if it is painful and start looking for another clinician immediately! Usually Pap smears can still be done and still be satisfactory. Before that, any concerns with menstruation should be addressed with a physician. You now have the knowledge to be a pro when it comes to seeing your gynecologist and to make every minute of your appointment count Tagged: All you have to do is enter the specialty Obstetrician and Gynecologist and your zip code. When your name is called, you confidently walk into the examination room like you have done each year before. You should be able to ask questions and be honest. OBGYN appointments can be stressful. DO know your medical history. As a collegiette, you are making the transition to the real world where you will be responsible for your own health. Using iCal is one effective method, but there are also a host of iPhone and smartphone apps. Why do you need a urine test in addition to a pap test?

    Sex before gyno

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