• Research paper on sex and violence in popular culture


    In fact, later studies did find children to be more discerning consumers of media than popularly believed Gauntlett, Game designer Brianna Wu, media critic Anita Sarkeesian, and actress Felicia Day were all subject to such harassment, receiving anonymous threats including ultimatums that mass shootings would occur if they did not cancel public speeches and discussion about their experiences Stuart, ; Kamen, Nonetheless, in this debate, the stakes are high and the policy consequences profound. The PlayStation 2 would ultimately sell over million units, setting a record for console sales that still holds today Peckham, Another approach, the cultivation theory, gained momentum among researchers in the s and has been of particular interest to criminologists. Additionally, the researchers concluded, that violent media do not have a substantial impact on aggressive personality or behavior, at least in the phases of late adolescence and early adulthood that we focused on.

    Research paper on sex and violence in popular culture

    The controversies surrounding video games can be explained by the traditional model of moral panics Miller, Nowhere are these constructions of gender that shape domestic violence more visible than in contemporary popular culture. One of the most successful rappers at the start of the twenty-first century is Eminem, a white hip-hop artist who makes claim to authenticity by virtue of his urban Detroit upbringing. Incidences of domestic abuse and sexual assault aren't only commonplace nationwide and the source of a shockingly large number of serious injuries and deaths; they're also problems that are often subject to myths and misleading depictions in popular culture and media. High-profile cases over the last several years have shifted public concern toward the perceived danger of video games, but research demonstrating a link between video games and criminal violence remains scant. Representation in Other Forms of Popular Culture Other forms of popular culture such as popular music and video games are replete with allusions to domestic violence. Over the years, the targets of concern have shifted from film to comic books to television to video games, but the central questions remain the same. The irony, of course, in the case of Ike and Tina Turner is that it was Ike who was repeatedly unfaithful and not Tina. She has been involved in training and education about dating and domestic violence for more than 10 years and currently serves as board chair of No More Tears, a South Florida nonprofit that provides services to victims. This property could be purchased or sold, with said property rights transferring when purchased, making it the first virtual world to do so MacInnes, The self-regulating codes of the film industry and the comic book industry have led scholars to be wary of hyperbole and policy overreach in response to claims of media effects. Concern of the power of media captured the attention of researchers interested in its purported negative impact on children. Even in the hugely successful Madden football video game, women appear only as grossly well-endowed cheerleaders who are there solely to shake and shimmy in the event of a touchdown—once again, serving as mere props for heterosexual male fantasy, only this time in the context of simulated professional sports. Here, Yar is suggesting that the proliferation of user-generated content via media technologies such as social media i. On the far side the screen, he eventually reaches a Native American woman tied to a pole. Under the guise of a discussion about journalistic integrity, conversations quickly emerged on social media sites such as Reddit, 4chan, and 8chan, collected under the hashtag Gamergate Stuart, In this context, Gerbner found that heavy television viewers are more likely to be fearful of crime and to overestimate their chances of being a victim of violence Gerbner, The FBI saw this as an important distinction because it could find little to no evidence that video games have such an effect. In fact, they claimed they had been raped. Wertham testified before the committee, arguing that comics were a leading cause of juvenile delinquency. Representation of Women in Contemporary Popular Culture. Yet, debate over whether media violence causes aggression and violence persists, particularly in response to high-profile criminal incidents. The courts were not impressed with his methods either and, in , he was disbarred by the Florida Bar Association for a variety of offenses including lying under oath, personal misconduct, libel, and slander Fahey, The popular culture is a ready-made reserve of ideas that foster such definitions of gender for the parents and society at large. In some cases such a reading of these cultural texts may end tragically, as in the following case:

    Research paper on sex and violence in popular culture

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