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    In both the qualitative synthesis and the case studies, young people reported that outside experts provide greater confidentiality and reduce discomfort and embarrassment due to their separateness from the school. On each occasion we presented our findings and then held discussions, which were either transcribed one consultation or recorded using notes two consultations. They respect young people and their autonomy, treat young people as equals and accept that they may be sexually active. The qualitative synthesis indicated that young people appreciate interactive, dynamic teaching techniques and want SRE to include group discussions, skills-based lessons, demonstrations and diverse activities. SRE programmes should be developed with input from young people. Full details of this study have been reported elsewhere. Make out and have it lead to sex. Young people in the qualitative synthesis also reported that delivery by teachers could blur boundaries and disrupt established relationships.

    Relationship sex lessons

    We found professional consensus that good SRE programmes start in primary school, are adaptable and employ a spiral curriculum model. Action is more important than words. SRE should continue throughout the period of compulsory schooling, ideally up to age Be with someone who supports you. Of course research evidence is only one of many types of knowledge that can be applied in practice, 33—35 and some practitioners may place a higher value on experiential knowledge, 36 but there is a risk that young people will disengage from SRE if their concerns about educators are not adequately addressed. In the qualitative synthesis young people expressed a desire for more openness in SRE and more discussion about what sex involves and how to have sex. Professionals in both the interview study and the case study investigation recommended that SRE programmes are adequately resourced, have the support of the head teacher, are tailored to local needs and congruent with the values of the school. Additionally seven interviews were conducted with individuals from six purposively sampled relevant national organisations. Parents were invited to participate in focus groups but none accepted. Young people report, in the qualitative synthesis, that good sex educators enjoy teaching SRE, have experiential knowledge and are comfortable with their own sexuality. Most interviewees were based in metropolitan areas and unitary authorities, although some county councils with large rural populations were also represented. Most were of standard SRE delivered to secondary-school pupils by teachers, using a focus group methodology. In addition to lack of fidelity, both the case studies and the interview study concluded that a variety of other factors could affect programme implementation, including pressures on the curriculum, funding pressures, staff capacity, academic pressures, government policies eg, the shift to academies and the present lack of statutory status for SRE. We hope that they will also help to inform the forthcoming consultations around developing guidance for statutory SRE in English schools. Make out and have it lead to sex. We uncovered a divergence between the views of young people and professionals on how to deliver SRE, a divergence that reflects potential conflict between the principles of acceptability and sustainability. It should discuss a range of sexual activity not just heterosexual intercourse , as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues and relationships. It should start in primary school and use age-appropriate language, topics and activities. For example, excellent information might be relatively easily imparted in lessons but is much more challenging for schools to back this up by developing strong links with sexual health services, or by implementing school-based sexual health services. However, while acknowledging the research evidence that young people could be vulnerable in mixed-sex classes, most professionals nonetheless felt it important that young men and women should learn together. Confidential The qualitative synthesis found that building trust between classmates could increase engagement in SRE, while ground rules for discussion, behaviour and confidentiality could reduce discomfort. Some reported in the qualitative synthesis that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students were invisible within SRE. SRE should provide impartial information on contraception, safer sex, pregnancy and abortion. Nevertheless we generated criteria for best practice based on the evidence. Touch without it leading to sex. The available evidence suggests that they are often uncomfortable delivering SRE, 38—42 that many lack confidence teaching the subject 43—45 and that only very few feel they should be the sole providers of SRE.

    Relationship sex lessons

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      Young people in the qualitative synthesis agreed; they wanted SRE to take place in an environment where they could participate uninhibitedly without concerns about being singled out or ridiculed.

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      Young people advocate a sex-positive approach but report that this is lacking at present. A meta-ethnographic approach was taken to data analysis.

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