• Popeye and olive having sex


    The cartoon contains a sexy scene in which Bluto turns Olive on and positions her for a kiss by ticking her with a violin bow. Certain repetitive themes became ingrained in our subconscious minds. Visit Cartoon Valley Classic American comics have never been this sexy! Popeye is a sucker for the "free sample" gag in All's Fair At The Fair, even though it's the oldest trick in the book. Vacation With Play - Olive wants to "live! If Olive wasn't a prize catch, or was just getting what she deserved, or "was asking for it", there would be no suspense or danger, no feeling that all was about to be lost.

    Popeye and olive having sex

    She watches as Bluto finally gets rid of Popeye for good at the tennis court and the two of them stroll past the unconscious sailor on their way to the canoe. Bluto and Olive move as one across the floor and when they dance their jivey, flirty, jitterbug, they seem made for each other. And like many healthy, normal, young women. He buys orphans a brand new television set Punch And Judo". The impression my friends and I got from watching the cartoons over and over is that she's meant to be seen as the eternally desirable, all-American sweetheart. It does not make her evil or "loose". We only root for Popeye because we're supposed to, not because the creators give us good reasons to do so. Is this sending a message about what the true natural order of things is really supposed to be? Bluto fishes Olive out of the water in Abusement Park. She certainly doesn't seem to mind the fact that Popeye's been left behind when they get to the beach parking lot, but happily lets Bluto help her out of the car. See What's New for details. Yet, when his true identity is revealed, Olive says in anger, "He's a fake! Or did he bother to think at all? He single-handedly cleans up an old west town Tar With A Star. Do I need therapy? At this point the writers must have said, "Oops! Therefore Olive thinks it is her mission in life to be as alluring as possible. Wouldn't a more realistic response have been, "Bluto, Honey, make sure you save that Santa suit"? Once there, she goes into ecstasy over the mink coat he's giving her. As you examine your feelings toward Popeye, Olive, and Bluto, and reflect on their actions and consequences, you can learn indispensable lessons about life. Maybe this went over big in the W. Whatever the style, sexy or ironic, witty or gothic, or just about any other, you may be sure their work will be to your taste. Olive is extremely effective at her mission and will, in all probability, go through a lifetime of bringing out the animal in men, because, in the Famous Studios' cartoon universe, Olive is a definite "10". We see Popeye perform superhuman feats of strength all the time without having to head for a hammock afterward. Was I nuts, or giving into a hidden mean streak, or was there some other explanation?

    Popeye and olive having sex

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