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    About a third of the crowd disengaged from the rest of us and made their way up the subway stairs. Only this time it was fast and deep. You know what happened next. Thank god there was no one behind him. He held his erect dick in the air, and the girl climbed on top of him. She yanked up her shorts and stepped into her sneakers without unlacing them.

    Literotica sex in public

    My jaw unhinged and dropped open. My hands on the rail bracing myself as best as I could, I felt a hand on my hip, helping to steady me. The defined muscles in her legs flexed with each push, and sweat flew off her back. All the men do. I was getting wetter and wetter until I was sure that everyone around us could smell my arousal in the air. Just a little bit. And I'm sure he could tell by the involuntary spasms of my internal muscles. I didn't know if it was his soap, cologne or after shave, but really it didn't matter. I tilted my hips, trying desperately to lead him inside me. As I walked, a beacon of light shone ahead of me. When the doors closed and the train started off again I noticed the blonde now stood in front of me. As the train moved forward he slipped two fingers under the elastic of my panties. Look, she came, get it? I turned and looked at him, my eyes huge while my mouth automatically opened to say something like, 'What the hell do you think your doing? They both glowed with a thin layer of sweat. The girl was… well, she was getting the living shit fucked out of her. The voice said another stop, "Grand Avenue. The girl was heart-breakingly cute. The boy laughed, but it was a grunt as well as a laugh. Ten seconds from standing to nude, then they grabbed each other by the genitals. There was nothing graceful or romantic about it, nothing tender, nothing humane. Smiling to myself as I heard a low moan escape his lips. Those of us who stayed on the train looked at each other, shaking our heads in complete disbelief. When the train moved forward, I moved back. Shfting my hips and letting go of my hand holds. Each time my whole body seemed to brush against his, sometimes lightly, sometimes harder as I tried to shuffle and make room.

    Literotica sex in public

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