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    Jamaica developed and published a new national anti-trafficking plan valid through , to be implemented by the national taskforce through sub-committees on prevention, protection, and prosecution. These imported prostitutes work in the more sophisticated night clubs in Kingston , which cater mainly to tourists , foreign workers, diplomats and affluent locals. These are well advertised in local pornographic magazines and in official newspapers. The government did not report efforts to reduce the demand for forced labor. Trafficking Victims Prevention Act, but that they have made significant progress in their attempts to meet those standards. Two former officials faced trafficking in persons charges.

    Jamaicas sex trade

    The report recognized the government's efforts to address the demand for commercial sex acts by conducting high-profile raids on hotels and nightclubs. The government trained police officers on trafficking, compared to in the previous reporting period. Shelter services for adult victims were said to be lacking, although adult victims were sometimes housed in hotels or other temporary facilities. Sexual favors are often the result and money will be exchanged. No reports of official complicity with human trafficking were received in The government secured two convictions, the first in seven years: The government also tightened issuance of exotic dancer permits to Jamaican hotel establishments, and eliminated their use in night clubs. Other clubs have mostly local prostitutes, some of whom have regular day jobs. Traffickers increasingly use social media platforms to recruit victims. The government did not report any child sex tourism investigations, prosecutions, or convictions. Sex trafficking of Jamaican women and children, including boys, reportedly occurs on streets and in nightclubs, bars, massage parlors, hotels, and private homes, including in resort towns. In the forced labor case, the court sentenced the trafficker to pay 2. The cabinet appointed a national rapporteur on trafficking in persons in early in order to investigate reports of trafficking, report on violations of the rights of victims, and provide an annual report to the government. In conjunction with the International Organization for Migration IOM , several police, consular , and judicial officials received anti-trafficking training. Pursuant to its anti-trafficking statute, Jamaican authorities encouraged victims to assist in the investigation and prosecution of their traffickers. The taskforce requested but had not received a fixed budget to implement the plan. The idea of "fast money" [9] is in high demand when dealing with underground sex tourism. These penalties are sufficiently stringent and commensurate with those prescribed for other serious crimes, such as rape. Police conducted operations in an area known for the commercial sex trade, which resulted in the closure of three establishments suspected of facilitating illegal activity. Authorities reportedly initiated 30 new trafficking investigations compared with 38 in , leading to the arrest of four individuals for suspected trafficking crimes in Jamaican children also might be subjected to conditions of voluntary labor as domestic servants. Victims were not penalized for immigration violations or other unlawful acts committed as a direct result of being trafficked. The government offered protection to all four identified victims and referred them to government or NGO care facilities for medical services, psychological services, and financial assistance for basic necessities. A vetted police Airport Interdiction Task Force, created through a memorandum of understanding between Jamaica and the United States in , investigates cases of drug trafficking and human trafficking at ports of entry. Authorities also provided shelter and services to three male forced labor victims at a secure location. Jamaica is currently in Tier 2 status, meaning that their government does not fully comply with the minimum standard set out in the U. Government officials condemned human trafficking in public statements and presentations, in addition to warning more than students about the dangers of human trafficking.

    Jamaicas sex trade

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      Legislatively , the government prohibits all forms of trafficking through its comprehensive Trafficking in Persons Act, which became effective on 1 March , and which prescribes penalties of up to 3 months imprisonment, penalties that are sufficiently stringent. Not only do many hide their identity and lifestyle, but there is some indication that the young girls are being held against their will.

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      Current situation[ edit ] Prostitution is currently still an activity in Jamaica. The government also dedicated six police officers to the National Task Force against Trafficking in Persons, an inter-agency body that coordinates anti-trafficking activities, and reconstituted the organized-crime division of its police force to focus more attention on human trafficking crimes.

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      Dancers in lap dancing and striptease establishments sometimes offer sexual services as a sideline.

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      Jamaica provided temporary residency for foreign trafficking victims and other legal alternatives to deportation to countries where victims would face hardship or retribution. Anti-trafficking flyers and materials were disseminated widely.

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