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    Was there differential attrition by consistency of reporting, and does inconsistent reporting influence the significance of our findings? Nguyet NT et al. Ethnicity, race, age and gender were recoded so that black, older year-olds vs. The evidence of an absence of changes in the timing of sexual initiation among Christian women in more than a decade implies that programs which aimto delay the timing of sexual initiation in Southern Nigeriamay have limited success. And if so, to what extent do these patterns differ with gender? It is plausible that women with more sexual partners have had more opportunities to engage in coercive tactics as experimentation, as part of a particular relationship, as part of a generalized behavioral pattern with men, or that they have learned this specific aggressive strategy to satisfy their sexual needs or curiosity and therefore, report using this strategy more. Interestingly, the camp — clearly a tool for male domination — is run by two women.

    Initiation sex

    Again, there were no significant interactions. At one of these schools, students were randomly assigned by classroom either to receive the curriculum only or to participate in the RFH service learning intervention. At study entry, the average age of males and females was Among sexually experienced 10th graders, the earlier the timing of first intercourse, the greater the likelihood of having had multiple partners at 10th grade. Logistic regression was used to test the effects of timing of initiation on 10th-grade sexual behaviors and risks, adjusting for gender, ethnicity and age. Does this mean the same thing to a seventh grader as to a 10th grader? Using data collected from an exclusively minority sample of urban males and females who were surveyed at multiple time points from the seventh through 10th grades, this article is aimed at contributing to our understanding of the relationship between early sexual debut and subsequent sexual risk-taking in this population. In previous work, the MSQ was reported to possess good internal reliability alpha levels ranging from. But they're not taught anything about their genitalia , procreation or the use of contraception. For this study, two measures related to self-efficacy were tested. Despite their greater experience, youth who initiate sex early do not use condoms more consistently, and by 10th grade they have experienced a disproportionate number of pregnancies. Longitudinal studies are better suited to untangling factors related to age of onset, extent and duration of sexual experience, and subsequent risks. Hypothesis one, stating that use of seduction tactics would be predicted by early age at first call to a boy, making more calls to boys during adolescence, calling more different boys during adolescence, high sexual self-esteem, positive future expectations about sex and relationships, greater number of lifetime sexual partners, early age at first intercourse, and older current age was partially supported. Few would argue that it is developmentally appropriate or healthy for one-third of males to have had sex before they entered middle school, or for one-fifth of females to have done so before they left eighth grade, yet that is what these youth report. Previously untested relationships between adolescent calling patterns and initiation tactics were found. Premarital sex remained low amongMuslimwomen. Each school also had a high-risk profile i. Age, age at first intercourse, and number of lifetime sexual partners provided ratio data, the other variables were nominal variables. Closing the discrepancy between communities and populations that differ dramatically in when their youth initiate sex should be a matter of greater public and community concern and discourse. They are distinguishable from peers who initiate intercourse later by having had a greater number of sexual partners, as well as more frequent recent intercourse. Family Planning Perspectives, , 32 3: Archives of Sexual Behavior, 22, The first section, demographics, consisted of seven items i. For many of the mothers, including Awa's, this is the only way for them to learn about "life. All respondents volunteered their participation without any incentive. There were no significant differences in follow-up rates by year of study enrollment. It is essential to point out that the health and social consequences of early sexual onset are not equally distributed nationally among youth.

    Initiation sex

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      Trapped by tradition In these villages, traditional rites trump individual consent, elementary hygiene standards and family planning.

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      As secondary education increases in Northern Nigeria, additional increases in the age at sexual debut are likely among Muslimwomen.

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      Experienced field staff acted as survey monitors to answer questions and assist individual students with directions or reading. Each school also had a high-risk profile i.

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      While retrospective accounts may address some questions, they also raise additional ones about the accuracy of recall or the reconstitution of past events, particularly in a domain such as sexual initiation, which is personal, sensitive and subject to interpretation. The five items were summed to create a scale score.

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      Finally, to address the potential bias that may be introduced by RFH middle school programs, we examined the interactions of intervention participation by timing of initiation. In previous reports, we have shown that participation in the RFH service learning intervention reduced levels of risky sex and, to a lesser extent, violence; 12 this program was identified by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy as one of a handful of effective pregnancy prevention programs.

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