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    It totally takes the stress out of my mind and makes me feel relaxed and rejuvenated. They were given a clicker by the researchers and asked to record when they thought about sex or food or sleep. So much for the fellas thinking sex every seven seconds? Or approximately 7, times during each waking day. This is exactly the circumstances the participants in Fisher's study found themselves in. Good sex satisfies your physical urge, which is very normal for anyone to experience. It sounds so funny to me. And she is not alone.

    I think about sex alot

    And since I never want to go out of shape to look unappealing to my husband and other men , it even acts as a motivation to work out and feel desirable. Fisher said, "There's really no good reason that our society should have believed that men are thinking so much more about sex than women. They were asked to record what featured in their most recent thoughts when they received the random alert, the idea being that putting the responsibility for remembering onto a device left participants' minds more free to wander. This could lead to overestimating some thoughts. So what constitutes a thought, anyway? All were given handheld tally counters, and 59 students were asked to track thoughts and cravings about food, 61 tracked sleep thoughts, and tracked sexual thoughts of any kind. When a woman sees her man passion ate in the act, admiring her body and moves, it infuses a lot of good feelings within her," opines psychologist Sunaina Bajaj. The study showed men thought about sex 19 times per day on average, compared to women who reported having nearly 10 sexual thoughts per day. The interesting thing about the study was the large variation in number of thoughts. The researchers also surveyed the participants beforehand to estimate how often they thought about these basic needs. So much for the fellas thinking sex every seven seconds? What do you think about the study? But honestly it has got us closer. Thoughts aren't like distances we can measure in centimetres, metres and kilometres. And I am increasingly getting cases where women are complaining that men are unable to satisfy their physical needs. Terri Fisher, professor of psychology at Ohio State University's Mansfield campus, said in a written statement. Have you had none, one or many while reading this? Brings them closer to their man Physical intimacy releases hormone Oxytocin, which is also known as the love hormone. She said the findings suggest men may simply have more of these thoughts, or can recall them better. However, rather than merely wonder about whether this is true, stop for a moment to consider how you could — or could not — prove it. I mean, this is not the only thing we have to do. They were given a clicker by the researchers and asked to record when they thought about sex or food or sleep. View image of Thinkstock Credit: Or approximately 7, times during each waking day. That's very significant," Fisher said.

    I think about sex alot

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      Fisher said the results may not suggest male and female gender differences, but rather how comfortable a person is with their sexuality, a trait known as erotophilia. We explore the reasons

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      In fact, sex only became a predominant thought towards the end of the day around midnight , and even then it was firmly in second place, behind sleep.

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