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    A male day octopus O. She strangled him and took him back to her den to feed on In one instance, she and her colleagues observed two day octopuses mating on a reef in Indonesia. Some scientists believe sperm competition is behind which male octopuses get to pass on their genes. A small male mated with her a dozen times. It is able to bend, stretch and exert suction. In this species, a male will guard a female from other males, typically while staying in a den in tentacle's reach of the female's den. New research out of the Australian Institute of Marine Science and James Cook University seeks to understand what these frisky females gain from having so much sex.

    How do octopuses have sex

    In theory, she could entertain two male suits at once, says Huffard: After all the pairings were complete and the males released back to the sea, the female octopuses settled down to lay their strings of eggs. February 25, 1 Female cephalopods octopuses and squids of many species are happy to mate with multiple males throughout a breeding season — with no obvious benefits to themselves or their offspring. Females store their spermtophores until they're ready to lay their eggs. More cautious males opt for the "reach". They use sperm from different males to fertilise a single clutch of eggs. In one deep-sea species, Graneledone boreopacifica , females may brood over their eggs for up to 4. They will also spread themselves out to appear large, and turn a dark or pale coloration. The researchers watched the animals mating in the lab and worked out which male octopuses were successful in passing on their genes. The females can be 2m long, while the males are just a few centimetres. In some smaller species this might take just a couple minutes, says Jennifer Mather of the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. She strangled him and took him back to her den to feed on In one instance, she and her colleagues observed two day octopuses mating on a reef in Indonesia. They discovered that longer sex isn't better for male octopuses wanting to become fathers. These females ought to be too busy to eat him. Some of them can quite literally mate at arm's length. The male needs to keep his mating arm tip inside the female long enough to transfer at least one spermatophore, and preferably more. They captured thirty-six wild southern blue-ringed octopuses Hapalochlaena maculosa from Cockburn Sound in Western Australia and systematically paired them up in the lab in what was essentially an octopus version of First Dates. If another male comes by, he pushes and grapples with his competition, a fight that may end in a fatality. Males appear to devote a lot time searching for mates, while females typically become less active in adulthood and possibly draw males to them using chemical cues. Octopuses tend to be profoundly antagonistic towards each other. As a general rule, it's the male octopuses that approach the females. Southern blue-ringed octopus females lay a single clutch with a small number of eggs, making them the perfect study candidates. The work was conducted as part of the Ph. But as a general rule, polyandry is rare when females or their offspring do not directly benefit. The first is a risky position called the "mount". There are about different species of octopuses in the genus Octopus, and at least another species in other genera, said Jennifer Mather, a cephalopod expert at the University of Lethbridge in Canada. This process may take up to several hours, depending on the species.

    How do octopuses have sex

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      Male common octopuses Octopus Vulgaris , for instance, are known to rear up and display several large suckers on the underside of their tentacles to identify themselves as male, but only if approaching a larger female, which may decide to attack and eat them.

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      Dr Morse and team believe this behaviour may instead be a form of mate guarding; after all, the longer you can keep the female engaged, the longer competing males have to wait.

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