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    She was admittedly intimidated by him, but felt that she had wronged him and didn't know what to say to make amends. It was always the other way around. Although, he told himself, he wished they were a bit more than friends but that would never happen, as far as he knew, Holly didn't feel the same way about him and that was that. These ropes were the only think that was on her body, her uniform had been completely stripped away and she was completely naked. Chapter Text His first night as a citizen of Haven was easily the most confusing period of Artemis's life. His mouth descended along her cheek to firmly nip one earlobe. He sat up slowly, loving eyes caressing her form as he slowly withdrew. She took off her helmet and ruffled her hair to give it back some volume after being squashed in the helmet for hours now.

    Holly and artemis sex

    Artemis was pleased to find this was far too real to be another dream. He replayed her words in his mind "I love you too". His balls tightened and he could feel pressure starting to build in his gut. He gently ran his fingertips over her left nipple, barely touching it. Artemis watched as his father place his arms around his mother's waist in a warm embrace. He clearly deduced that Artemis was not actually inquiring about Butler's dream patterns, but obviously Artemis himself had had a dream he found 'disturbing' and was asking indirectly if this was a common occurrence amongst the 'common-minded folk'. The only thing he could process was that this was total ecstasy, and Holly was his. Her invitation was clear enough to him and he took no time to plunge inside of her. She should bite a chunk out of his face to teach Fowl a lesson, but still something stopped her. She could smell the pre-cum, and she found the musky scent arousing her pussy even more. He gazed down at the woman in front of him, perfect in every way to him. Those torturous hands came up from her breasts, slowly sliding up her arms and feeling her wrists, they were soft and delicate. Things felt as if they were beginning to turn blue. His hair was as black as night and reached down to his collar, where he wore his usual Armani suit. Although he had successfully removed her LEP suit from half her body, he was very disgruntled to find she wore her one-piece beneath it. He was actually fantasizing. Artemis just smiled and pulled off his shirt, revealing the pale skin of his bare chest. He now had a fabulous inspiration for his next novel. And this for sure is something history shall forever remember. All mothers felt this when they see their son with a girl. Artemis X Holly pairing with lemon and lots of fluff. She got the point of the message. I've since taken a college English course and now when I go back and see my many grammatical errors I'm sure there's some I still missed , I had to fix them. In quite the same fashion as removing her arms from her sleeves, he repeated the action with her legs. His mouth descended along her cheek to firmly nip one earlobe.

    Holly and artemis sex

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