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    But when we relax and open to each other and ourselves without preference, then once again, we notice love. We notice and consider ourselves lucky love lottery winners. This sort of deep connection is two people sharing presence of themselves and each other. It is tactically full, but without touching, it is rich in possibility and beckons for love to approach if it will. For, like religious experience, love-making has an element of faith. Then love leaves, and we are left without love as a chaperone. There is also powerful symbolism in love-making as depicted. Instead, in love-making there is the mutual consciousness of unbounded unity without partition. It takes two to Tango, and so too does it take at least two to make love.

    Having sex or making love

    They seek self-gratification—fulfillment of a purely self-interested desire. We are subtly changed each time love visits. Some common themes that kept coming up were: Here there is a sort of delicate, momentary analysis and deliberate targeting of a body part. It is a counterfeit if based on pretense because there is duality, not unity, and there is manipulation and objectification, not authentic, mutual respect. Lovemaking allows us to exceed the limits of our physical body, and merge with one another. In contrast, the language of love-making involves thoughts and perceptions that unite rather than separate, divide, or alienate. After several minutes of bliss, she reached for me, sex took over, and we spent the next half hour in a passion play submitting to the best biology has to offer. Goldman claims that sexual activity is not necessarily a means to any further end. It gives you a chance to express all the good feelings and thoughts you have about your lover. In any event, my considered judgment is that it can help to be in love. The best part about lovemaking is that it becomes effortless, because you are not thinking about what Olympic — style performance you should put on. Instead, we imbue it with magical qualities. Rubbing, touching, caressing, kissing, sucking, biting, and, of course, intercourse, as fulfillments of a desire for physical contact, are all sexual activities in this sense. Focusing attention on love, we discover that it is too busy coming and going to adopt our principles or beliefs. This upgrades the biological act of sex into a joyful celebration of love. My past, present, and future; my hopes, dreams , and expectation; and yours, coalesce as one--not two--persons. This has implications for the cognitive , perceptual, and symbolic aspects of love-making. This may be a clue Making-love is slower and gentle, only happens between two people that are in love, have mutual respect, and consider the feelings and pleasure of the sexual partner. Is it possible that the difference between sex and making love is that sex finishes once the physical act is over, whereas lovemaking continues to be an expression that can be carried over into many or all interactions between a loving couple? They can reflect tenderness; an adoring or adorable look; or the instant when you knew you wanted to be together for an eternity. This type of love — making allows each partner to explore any hidden issues and inhibitions that may arise during a truly intimate experience. It leaves us to hold our own hand, to have hot sex or not , and to turn its momentary inspiration into the soft, heart-warming embers of long-term relationship—if we dare. There is resignation of separateness to inclusion of the other. Think naked dragon lady princesses, dwarfs bedding beautiful prostitutes and vampire and human hot times — yes, the cast is varied

    Having sex or making love

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    Having Sex vs Making Love

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      The best part about lovemaking with the right woman is that as your love grows, so does your passion.

    • Akinogis

      Therefore, is it also possible that even a loving couple engage in sex instead of making love — sometimes, often or always?

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      This has implications for the cognitive , perceptual, and symbolic aspects of love-making. When we are present, we witness love coming and love going without preference for either.

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      However, the mutuality of love-making as depicted here guards again domination, for the goal is not to control the other but instead to lose oneself in the other as the other in oneself.

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