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    This measure has been previously used in a study of gay and bisexual male youths Rotheram-Borus et al. In addition, youths were approached individually and invited to participate. Following the same classification system outlined above, we computed a single variable for each assessment period that classified the young women as butch, femme, androgynous, or none of the above. Procedure Voluntary and signed informed consent was provided by all youths. A count of the number of problems was computed. The resulting sample of 76 female youths reported a mean age of In addition, conduct problems were assessed using a item index e. Representative studies of high school students have found that victimization is much more common among LGB than heterosexual youths 2.

    Free lesbian sex butch

    Even after controlling for age, sexual identity, and social desirability, young butch women reported drinking alcohol more frequently and in greater quantity, smoking more cigarettes, and using marijuana more frequently than young femme women. Youths participated in a 2- to 3-hour interviewer-administered questionnaire battery at Time 1, with follow-up assessments 6 and 12 months later. Measures of Potential Explanatory Variables Three aspects of gay-related stress were assessed at Time 1. Thirty-eight percent reported that they had a parent who received welfare, food stamps, or Medicaid. These symptoms were assessed at all three assessments using an item measure e. All questions assessed substance use in the past 3 months at Time 1, and within the past 6 months since the last interview at each subsequent assessment. Results Bivariate Relations The mean differences between butches and femmes on substance use and abuse are presented in Table 1. The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Subst Use Misuse See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. This measure has been previously used in a study of gay and bisexual male youths Rotheram-Borus et al. Attempts were made to recruit every youth attending the recruitment site. These items have demonstrated strong test-retest reliability Rosario et al. The reasons why and the conditions under which some lesbian and bisexual women may or may not report high levels of substance use and abuse remain far less examined. A factor analysis of this measure on the full sample of youths in this study identified 2 factors: In addition, for youths under age 18 years, parental consent was waived by the Commissioner of Mental Health for New York State. A factor analysis revealed 12 items that loaded on a single factor. In addition, conduct problems were assessed using a item index e. Youths who identified as butch and femme, as butch, femme, and androgynous, or only as androgynous were classified as androgynous. Three aspects of emotional distress were assessed at Time 1. Because the interviewer ratings were obtained at Time 3 only, no test-retest data were available. The resulting sample of 76 female youths reported a mean age of All significant and trend differences indicated that butches more frequently used and consumed larger quantities of tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana over time than femmes. Meetings were held with the study investigators to introduce the study and invite the adolescents to participate in a study of lesbian, gay, and bisexual youths. There are a number of potential reasons to hypothesize that women who are more butch in their self-presentation would be more likely to use alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana with greater frequency and in greater quantity than women who are more femme in their self-presentation. The ADS also included symptoms associated with abuse of alcohol or illicit drug abuse. These recruitment efforts were conducted by a gender and ethnically diverse study staff who were college educated and trained to follow a common recruitment procedure. Measures of Butch and Femme The classification of the young women as butch and femme was based on the composite of three types of items: This greater risk for substance use and abuse has been documented in adult women Burgard et al.

    Free lesbian sex butch

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