• Desribe sex with him in words


    Nothing felt forced or rehearsed. Which is so different. Starting at my ankles, arching into my back and flowing out of the top of my head. I like sex to be a bit more rough than many people I know, and this guy delivered. It becomes every one of your cells. It was filthy and rough and selfish , at times. Sometimes men are too afraid to fully lead and it creates an awkwardness.

    Desribe sex with him in words

    It is just pure, unfiltered joy coursing through every vein, cell, and thought in your body. We were covered in sweat, but it never even crossed our minds. Now imagine that you flawlessly dive off of a five metre diving board into an Olympic sized swimming pool and as soon as you hit the water, the super concentrated liquid version of your favourite food rushed into every pore of your entire body. Check out the data he collected from his wife below: My entire being would be… alive… I guess is the right word for it. Sit in bed facing your partner and choose a loving word that describes what you think or feel about them. There was only two people melting into each other for two very sweaty hours. If these words don't get you or your partner in the mood or at the very least closer, then consider contacting a holistic love coach. Often, the words we use to describe sex are associated with good, bad or ugly emotions, and this can be rather confusing when it comes to talking about sex. To be totally honest, the best lover I ever had fucked me into oblivion. His hands; holding my weight against the wall and with my legs wrapped around his waist I can feel a tingling begin in my thighs. I thought that the best I could ever hope for was a half-hearted attempt to make me climax every week or two. I was always so enthralled by his lack of technique. This lack of sexual communication greatly affects our relationships, which in turn affects nearly every facet of society. And, for many, this was probably the last time sex was ever discussed. It's about an inability to effectively communicate. For as long as we saw fit. But the truth is, while sex is something everyone is exposed to, something we're all hardwired to do, most of us succumb to behaving like year-old's giggling in a schoolyard when it comes to talking about sex. My first orgasm would come in a slow vibrating wave. There is no division between you and other. I can probably bet that most of you can remember the exact date and time that your parents sat you down for "the sex talk," and although you discussed sex in great lengths, rather they talked you just listened; my bet is that most of the details were probably pretty scant. Starting at my ankles, arching into my back and flowing out of the top of my head. There was no fear or anxiety. I still think about that sex. Want to read the male version of this same article? Sex is an important facet of our society. Our kisses; slow and deep and I can feel them in the bottom of my stomach.

    Desribe sex with him in words

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      My first orgasm would come in a slow vibrating wave. There was no self-consciousness… just pure, in the moment ecstasy.

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