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    It's "a free-for-all fuck fest," as a bartender so eloquently described it. It's not rare to find someone napping on a bed or some unopened condoms in the parking lot. A "fantasy suite" includes six queen-sized mattresses. The air sparkles with glitter. Other screens show porn. Susan downs the last of her pink drink and moves ever closer to the young blond. In the beginning, they would swing with only single women. More private, so-called "bi-wives clubs" popped up in neighborhoods across the country.

    Club florida in sex south

    The club is divided into two parts. Deenie's Hideaway opened in Coconut Creek in , and a handful of other South Florida clubs followed suit. She has her arm around her partner, but she turns and flashes her chest to the group before walking out the door. Some people will never be able to separate love and sex. They are white, black, Hispanic, and Asian. Swinging has always been about connecting with like-minded strangers, and there's no place better for that than online. This used to be their favorite club. With its welcoming beaches, year-round sunshine, and fine appreciation for vices, South Florida has become a mecca of swinging in this country. As the night goes on, a tall, slim woman dressed as a fairy approaches another woman dressed as an angel, whispers something in the woman's ear, pulls down the top of the woman's dress, and begins to gently bite her nipples. After a few years, though, there were a guy or two she "felt like going all the way with," and they began "full-swapping. Three women talk quietly at the bar. Past midnight, the music is usually drowned by sexually explicit sounds of pleasure and satisfaction. Then they'd tell a few of their friends. By the '50s, the phenomenon had spread to the suburbs. One woman is dressed as a "bedbug," with antennae on her head and a small bed hanging around her neck. That's when Plato's Retreat, America's first on-premises swingers' club, opened in New York, in the cavernous basement of Ansonia Hotel, in a defunct gay bathhouse where Bette Midler and Barry Manilow performed early in their careers. He's worked at the club for 12 years, and although club rules forbid employees from participating with patrons, couples sometimes invite Maurice to the back. Then there's a back section. Unlikely as it may seem, Susan says, fellow swingers have become some of her closest friends. The ceiling is mirrored. Their respective husbands, each holding a beer, stand about ten feet away, their eyes fixed on the women. Mark and Karen call her at home to see how she's doing. It's been going on for hours, and she's made it clear she doesn't want to be distracted. About half the people here are wearing clothes. The Rooftop resort is a hotel in Hollywood and the majority of the swingers are Europeans and South Americans.

    Club florida in sex south

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