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    The intensity of the sensation can be adjusted from almost nothing to very strong, and a good tug on the chain is guaranteed to get your partner's attention. And indeed, simple clothespins do make good clamps for nipples. Unless you intend to inflict sharp sensation, you'll probably want to avoid touching or playing with your partner's nipples immediately after removing the clamps. This helps prevent the clothespins from slipping off accidentally, which can be somewhat startling, and not in a good way. They're by far the most common and most popular style of nipple clamps, and can be used on other parts of the body as well. With metal clamps, you can incorporate temperature play into the experience by chilling or warming the clamps before you use them. To increase tension on the nipples, small weights such as fishing line sinkers can be attached to the ends of the clamp. The cheapest and most commonly available kinky clamps are ordinary household clothespins; almost everyone has at least heard of the idea of attaching these to nipples. Black with rubber lining Set of 25 These clothespins offer an improvement over the ordinary wooden variety in that the gripping surface is lined with rubber.

    Clamp sex

    The clamp usually provides a very high pain level, and is usually only used by more advanced users. This book, written by well-known and respected BDSM educator Jack Rinella, this book is filled with techniques and advice on using clamps, and includes everything from basics "Where do I put clamps? I'll talk about some of these ideas in the next section. On women, place a ring of clothespins around the outside of the breast in a circle. And there are many more interesting things you can do with nipple clamps as well. Still, despite this drawback, clothespins are very popular as kinky "pervertibles. They're highly adjustable and are designed to lie parallel to the body, around the nipple. This is especially fun if your partner is tied down with his or her arms over the head. Clothes-pin style[ edit ] A clothes-pin style clamp works like a common household clothes-pin — two short lengths of metal, joined by a spring to keep one end closed. The sensation from these clamps is different from spring-loaded clamps--more pressure and less "pinch. Using Clothespins as Sex Toys There are all sorts of different kinds of clips and clamps, and all kinds of different ways to use them. Chain Tweezer Clamps Silver with black vinyl tips Tweezer nipple clamps are a fun, mild, and versatile way to add a little extra fun in the bedroom. Different designs all have a unique feel and create a range of different sensations. They're very strong and non-adjustable, and the clamping surface is a small circle, which concentrates the sensation. A small ring wraps around the two pieces of metal and is used to adjust the tension. I usually remove them in the same order I placed them, one by one, for a more intense experience, you can remove them all at once by sliding your hand firmly down your partner's body and pushing them off as you go. Like most nipple clamps, they're made in pairs, usually with a chain between them. If your partner is female, you may find that tying or cuffing her hands behind her back, or asking her to sit with hands behind her back and shoulders drawn back, will nicely present her breasts for the clamps I find that this posture sets off the chain quite nicely. This type often comes with screws to adjust the pressure, screwing in to release it. They can create a range of sensations, from mild to quite intense; they're easy to use; they don't require any special skill or any physical exertion; and they're surprisingly versatile. This style of clamp is generally not adjustable; it's good for people who like intense, localized pressure. Playing with nipple clamps can be a nice lead-in to other forms of temperature or sensation play , such as wax play or using such implements as a Wartenberg wheel. For men, they can be attached to the underside of the penis; some women enjoy the feel of clamps like these on the labia. Removing the clothespins is often more intense than putting them on. Use them as intended, or even hang them from your clothes; I've even seen them used to hold a toy bag closed. How to Use Them Start with your partner sitting or lying on his or her back. These clamps are very stylish, and offer outsized sensation despite their small size.

    Clamp sex

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      Clamping the clothespin onto the tip of the nipple as on the right side of this illustration is much more intense than grabbing more of the nipple closer to the base as on the left:

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      Rubber-tipped clamps on a heavy chain Japanese clover clamps are prized by people who really like heavy nipple play. The range of sensation they can produce makes them good even for people who don't like strong sensation on the nipples.

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      Just to add to the delicious torment, they don't loosen back up when you quit pulling, either.

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      Among the mildest forms of clamps are "tweezer clamps. Adjustable "alligator-style" clamps offer a large range of different levels of stimulation.

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