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    Use a strand of hair instead of thread. History of Gender Prediction Methods Unfortunately, there appears to be no documentation about when people began using the ring method, but it certainly predates modern technology which makes it simple to determine gender by using ultrasounds or blood tests. Pregnant women are more likely to listen to the opinions of their friends and family than to medical advice [source: With the ring test, you take the pregnant woman's wedding ring or other important ring and tie it to a thread or string some women use a strand of hair. When to Use This Test Many women perform this gender prediction test with their significant other, and it can be done at home at any time.

    Baby sex by wedding ring

    Interpreting Your Results Interpreting the result from the test is very easy, especially compared to other methods that use chemicals and changing colors to determine the baby's sex. Dangle the thread over the expectant mother's belly. For example, if the person conducting the test expects the baby to be a boy, or someone else suggests it will be, the person performing the test automatically makes the string swing like a pendulum without being aware of it. The pregnant woman lies down, and you dangle the ring over her baby bump. Like all superstitions or folklore, though, our brains are wired to want to believe. Test Accuracy There is no scientific evidence which supports being able to determine a baby's gender using the wedding ring on a string method. Just follow a few steps to see whether the ring indicates a boy or girl in your future. Carpenter actually coined the phrase "ideomotor action" to describe this type of muscle movement. That's coincidence, though — not magic. This test may not be a scientific, but it might hold you over until you find out for certain what lies beneath your baby bump. If the ring moves in a back-and-forth, pendulum-style motion, the test indicates that the baby is a boy. For example, someone we knew used the ring test, the ring swung in a circle, and our friend had a girl. Just don't run out and buy any gender-specific baby items based on your results. Allow the ring to dangle over the expectant mother's wrist instead of her belly. Dangle the string in front of the mother's belly while she is standing. Attach the mom-to-be's wedding ring to a thread. If the ring moves in a circular motion, the test indicates that the baby is a girl. Safe Alternative to Some Home Tests Safety is crucial when it comes to pregnancy, and some of the other home-testing methods, like the Drano test , are dangerous and inaccurate. In , researchers there asked pregnant women to predict the sex of their unborn babies, using whatever method they preferred — the ring test, other folklore , or dreams and hunches. The method is simple, safe, and can be a fun bonding experience even if the accuracy rate is about equal to a good guess. Some swear by these tests, and some just do them for fun. The wedding ring method is simply one of many old wives' tales which are rooted in superstition and used to help determine gender before a baby was born. Since the subtle movement happens without conscious effort, it occurs involuntarily. However, is there anything to these old wives' tales? Others get so excited, they'll try all sorts of things to predict the sex of the baby before it's time for an ultrasound.

    Baby sex by wedding ring

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